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Taryn Manning

Oh my gosh, what do I love about Sole Serum? I love it 'cause it works!

   Taryn Manning | Actress - Orange is the New Black

Audrina Patridge
Love this Stuff!
   Audrina Patridge | T.V Host + Style Icon

Tammin Sursok

Was at a red carpet event and after an entire night in heels, Sole Serum saved my life!

   Tammin Sursok | Actress – Pretty Little Liars

Desi Perkins

Ppl ask how I wear heels all the time ... 1. I love heels 2. I love @soleserum basically makes shoe pain non existent. You're welcome ladies.. Or gentlemen. Rock the heels

   Desi Perkins | Youtube Ninja

Shay Mitchell

“Currently crushing on Sole Serum.”

     Shay Mitchell | Actress - Pretty Little Liars

Hawley Dunbar

“It takes up less space than toothpaste and it actually works.”

     Hawley Dunbar | Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder at Sidewalk Hustle

Dr. Cassie Majestic

Initially I noticed Sole Serum on social media, about a year ago. I have had painful feet for years, due to being a ballet dancer for many years, and I had hoped for a product that could help my daily feet woes. Since I am a physician and have worked with lidocaine for a while, the thought definitely crossed my mind about topical lidocaine being beneficial for the general public to use in painful areas. I was delighted when I saw that someone had made that happen with Sole Serum! What I love most about Sole Serum, is that it seems marketable and affordable for most women. As a physician, I can honestly say it is a safe product that has been FDA tested and when used according to the directions, will benefit many people. Sole serum truly saves me when I have those rare nights out that I get to wear heels! My feet do not tolerate enclosed spaces well :)

   Dr. Cassie Majestic | Emergency Room Physician

Dana Wood

Here’s What is good: Sole Serum. Love it. It’s laced with pain-relieving lidocaine, and it works like a charm

   Dana Wood | Beauty Director, BRIDES


Sole Serum, my must-have for when I’m in heels all day!

   Natalie | @fromluxewithlove | Fashion Blogger


People ask me how I wear heels all the time. Well, I love heels! And one little secret… Sole Serum. You guys, this stuff is amazing. It’s my go-to product for a long day in heels. Seriously impressed!

   Meredith Dwyer | @meredithdwyer | Fashion Blogger

Christina Kong

I love that the bottle is small (just slightly bigger than a lipstick) and can be carried in my makeup bag for reapplication once the serum wears off (about two hours). When I do reapply, I instantly feel relief within minutes! I can stand in heels without wanting to throw my shoes out the window. And for under $20 a bottle…it’s a no brainer people!

   Christing Kong | @dailykongfidence | Fashion Blogger


A must have when you’re in heels all day.

   MollyX | @mollyx_ | Fashion Blogger

Sascha Koki

Magical product. The best part: the thin bottle is small enough to fit into your clutch and pretty enough not to be embarrassed by should it accidentally fall out.

   Sascha Koki | Fashion & Beauty columnist | Hawaii-tv

Dr Mary Collings

As a sports medicine chiropractor for twenty years I have seen many patients, including professional athletes in my practice for foot complaints. Many are due to overuse and the dreaded "High-heel." I recommend Sole Serum for the relief of pain and numbness associated with neuropathy and excessive impact on the feet.

   Dr. Mary Collings | Chiropractor for the Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks

Teri Ann

I’m on my feet all day, either training or working out, and I’m so excited to have finally found a product that relieves my heel pain so I can focus on my clients and my workouts.

   Teri Ann Krefting | Celebrity Trainer

Laura Okmin

Being a sideline reporter is a great job...but walking a football field for 6 hours isn't always great for my feet. That's why I have two musts at halftime: Talk to the head coaches about their adjustments and make mine. Applying Sole Serum. It assures me if I have to deal with a won't be my feet!

   Laura Okmin | Football Sideline Reporter

Kirstie Kelly

Sole Serum. Truly the best product I have come across this year.

   Kirstie Kelly | Bridal Boutique Owner

Lacey Anne

Oh my goodness!!! This is a total game changer for me! I rarely wear heels to work simply because I can't make it a whole day without feeling totally crippled. By about 12 yesterday and today I had to break it out and was able to work the rest of the day pain free! Thank you!

   Lacey Anne | Fashion Blogger - A Glimpse of Glitter

Danielle Cheever

I took it to New York Fashion Week and it was a lifesaver!

   Danielle Cheever | Fashion Blogger, Envision Pretty

Grace Wainwright

I tried out the serum over the weekend--and it was amazing! Definitely keeping it in my purse for long days in heels.

   Grace Wainwright | Fashion Blogger, A Southern Drawl

As an esthetician I am always on my feet and by the end of the day my feet are usually killing me. I tried sole serum a few days in a row and it helped smooth any pain and discomfort I was having.

   Olia | Esthetician + Style Blogger - Love, Olia

It would make a great gift for your bridesmaids, a nice addition to the Ladies Room Beauty Baskets for friends and family, and is a must have for your honeymoon!

   Andrea Eppolito | Wedding & Event Planner

I planned a bachelorette party in Vegas for my best friend and Sole Serum was the perfect addition to the Bachelorette Party Survival Kits! I made sure every girl threw it in her purse before we headed out, and at about midnight, they were all thanking me for it!. Definitely a must have!

   Lauren | Bachelorette Party Extraordinaire

Sole Serum Testimonials

I had a great time using your product in Vegas! it works like magic!

   Aisha Amjad

Sole Serum Testimonials

As an In-Flight Team Member I spend a lot of time in my heels and after a four day trip my feet would really ache. I came across a great product called Sole Serum, after applying it to my aching feet I started to feel immediate relief, the best part is that it's non greasy so I'm able to apply it and put my heels right back on. Now I make sure it's always in my bag before I leave for a trip.

   Elyse Katerndahl | Flight Attendant

Sole Serum Testimonials

Being a Flight Attendant I am on my feet for long periods of time. It's wonderful to finally have a product that I can count on to calm my tired, aching feet at the end of the day. I won't travel without it.

   Shirley Paulson | American Airlines Flight Attendant

Sole Serum Testimonials

You have created an amazing product - we’ll definitely be letting our brides and others around us know about it.

   Laura Cardo | Kristin Banta Events

Sole Serum Testimonials

As a real estate agent, I’m running around all day long and I find refuge in Sole Serum’s power to bring my feet back to life. Whether I’m working or attending a social function, I always have Sole Serum with me, because you never know when you’ll need it! I’m so happy to have found this product and love seeing my friends’ reactions when they try it out for the very first time.

   Marianna Dimentman | Real Estate Salesperson

Sole Serum Testimonials

You will never see me in flats. I have been wearing high heels since I was in college, and I’ve always sworn that I would never give them up. I figured that wearing my favorite pumps was well worth the pain. But at the end of the day, my feet are usually throbbing and red. This past week, I woke up, ran 5 miles and as usual, immediately put on my heels. While I was having lunch with my sister, my feet really started to hurt. Thank god I had a bottle of Sole Serum to try! I put the serum on my feet and immediately the pain was gone. The cream was completely non-greasy, and I put my heels back on without worrying about leaving any marks or stains on my shoes. Sole Serum is a miracle! I can't wait to give it out to all my friends as it is truly a lifesaver. The bottle says that you can reapply up to four times a day, but honestly, I haven’t had to because it lasts for hours. This product is a must, I am always on my feet and I will not surrender my four inch heels. I have a closet full of shoes that I have been afraid to wear, but now I am ready to rock them. Sole Serum immediately took the pain away, and later that night my husband was relieved of his foot rub duty! The pain is gone, and I can now wear my heels all day without worrying about having to limp home! If you are going to wear heels, you have to get Sole Serum.

   Donna Bastasch | Mother of four

Sole Serum Testimonials

Sole Serum is amazing and does exactly what it says it will do. The true test for me was when I went to Vegas for a fun filled weekend. I had just bought a pair of beautiful 4" heels to wear out but knew they would kill my feet after an hour. I put Sole Serum on my feet before wearing them and made sure to pack it in my purse. After about 2 hours my feet felt a tiny bit sore so I reapplied it and after a few minutes no more soreness. I danced the night away painless! Sole Serum is my new gem.

   Jennifer Nairn

Sole Serum Testimonials

I can't say enough about your product! Seriously impressed-- I did a 10mile run this morning, and have been at work for about 5 hours now and my feet feel great! I am telling everyone I know about it! Woo Hoooo"

   Michelle Deselms | Fox News Anchor, Grand Rapids, MI.