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A Foolproof Guide to Foolproof Hair

A Foolproof Guide to Foolproof Hair

You’ve worked hard all week, the last thing you need to do is work hard on your hair. It’s the weekend, everything is OFF DUTY. We’ve thrown together the ultimate weekend hair guide to get you out the door and on with your free time without missing a step, that catch-up brunch with the girls, the shopping or the fun!


Morning Coffee  |  The Tip of the Cap  |  Halftime

The Morning Coffee: The “I just woke up, this is all I have the energy for” go-to.

The Tip of the Cap: The perfect way to up-style any look. And let’s be honest sometimes we just don’t have the time, energy or desire to do our hair. Problem solved.

Halftime:  Let the world focus on your pretty face... and it’s perfect for those windy fall days… ya know, so you can see. ;)


Messy French Braid  |  Leave a Little on the Sides  |  Eff It, I’ll Wear a Hat

Messy French Braid: The it-looks-like-I-didn’t-try-but-this-took-me-7-tries-and-my-arms-fell-asleep look. The “I didn’t try but totally tried” winner.

Leave a Little on the Sides: A low knot with some flirty wisps framing your face is oh-so-chic and literally takes zero time.

Eff It, I’ll Wear a Hat: Literally do nothing. Bye.


Low & Loose  |  The High & Tight  |  Spun Out of Control

Low & Lose: The ultimate flirt is the low pony with high horse-tail hair. She swings while you walk and is cute, fun and flirty. Just like you.

The High & Tight: Pull her up high and knot her up. The ultimate all-day maintenance free look. You focus on the fun, she’s good.

Spun Out of Control: The perfect style for when the girls text “Brunch NOW”. You know there’s going to be good gossip so spare no time, throw it back and get there asap.


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