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The Best Running Shoes for Your Foot Type

The Best Running Shoes for Your Foot Type

#SoleSurvivors we think you may have gotten an idea about us that may be a tad, dare we say, limiting?  Now this is touchy.  We don’t want to be misunderstood.  We love us some high, high heels, and fancy dress shoes.  But we all know the truth, those sky highs are not on our feet 24/7, even with Sole Serum at your rescue. In fact, the next best thing is more likely on our feet the most: Running Shoes.

So we’ve tracked down some good ones for you to consider while your stilettos are on a break.

Before we begin, there are a few questions for you to answer.  First, know your arches. Know your running style; treadmill, trail, track or road.  Know your support level; lots of support or minimal.  Know your budget, those kicks can run you off the money rails.  Once you’ve established the basics, a specialty running shop is a good place to try on different pairs of shoes before making your purchase.  Try on several pairs, and engage the help of a knowledgeable staff member.

Outside Magazine ran a great article on, ‘The Best Running Shoes of 2016’.  Check out their suggestions.  Here are a couple of our personal faves from the article.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

“It’s hard to decide if this is a speed shoe for the masses or a training shoe for the fleet of foot. That’s a great sign. Pliant, light, and soft, it immediately wooed faster runners looking for a responsive, tempo-ready shoe, as well as our cruise-minded testers, who appreciated the soft foam and moderately heel-strike-oriented midsole. But it was the new, customizable fit of the mesh upper that sold us. The Pegasus uses a lattice of overlapping cables that independently apply tension to keep almost any foot shape locked in place. Where this shoe hit its limits was on longer outings and under heavier loads—the flexy forefoot and thin midsole can feel under-structured for tired feet or bigger runners. But on most days, this is as good as a lightweight trainer gets. 10.8 oz; 10 mm drop”

Vasque Pendulum II

Best For: All-condition cruising.
The Test: The Pendulum settles halfway between the minimalist and maximalist camps. It has the moderately toothy outsole, protective rock plate, and fairly thick and firm midsole of a muscular trail shoe, but a pared-back upper and six millimeters of drop keep the stride natural. Multiple testers noted the secure, locked-in midfoot. “Sticks to you with no tight spots or sloshing,” one said. Still, the Pendulum is rather roomy, so it’s best for wide feet or thick socks. Bonus: the midsize lugs make muck runs a breeze.
The Verdict: A highly versatile, protective winter runner that doesn’t overdo anything. 10.2 oz; 6 mm drop”

Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost in Turtle Dove: release date, June 27, 2015


As fashion forward #SoleSurvivors, we can’t help but but mention Kanye West.  He and his wife seem to own social media.  But his Yeezy line is worth noting, both for their style and comfort.  With the rise of #athleisure you don’t have to be a marathon runner to appreciate their benefit.  One drawback: They are extremely hard to get your hands on.  If you do, send us a shot with your Sole Serum, OF course! Whether it be to work out, zipping to your favorite spin class or simply running around town, we want to see where your kicks take you and when Sole Serum soothes you! Fire away #SoleSurvivors! :)

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