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10 Gifts for the Girl Boss

10 Gifts for the Girl Boss

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There’s something so thrilling about seeing a woman achieve her dreams and take the world in tow.

Here at Sole Serum we are all about empowering the girl boss. We know that this holiday season you’re likely to have a girl boss on your list. That’s why we put together a gift guide of the choicest items for the leading lady in your life.

Girl Boss

1.) A good book. Give her the gift of laughter! These books have the humor and sarcasm that are sure to resonate with her heart.Tina Fey's Bossy Pants is a great place to start!

Bossy Pants

There's also some great options from Mindy Kaling!


2.) If she’s on the top of her game then she’s also likely to be at the top of her stress level. Tension is something she is probably all too familiar with. That’s why we found this Carex Buddy Heating Pad to take the edge off the stress in her shoulders and neck.

3.) Coffee, anyone? You know she’s drinking it around the clock—why not give her the perfect mug to sip it from?



4.) This year, make sure her desk is “on point” with these sleek Kate Spade office accessories. Acrylic + Gold = the perfect space for her ideas to manifest.


5.) Give her a place to see her ideas take shape. An Inspiration Board paired with some cute pushpins? She’ll be clipping and pasting everything within reach!


6.) Have you heard of the latest craze sweeping across the creative scene? Coloring! Turns out, that pastime of old is therapeutic, rewarding, and just plain fun. In other words, not much has changed since you were five years old. Except, there are some amazing new coloring projects that allow you to just zone in and escape life’s problems. The girl boss in your life will enjoy some down time channeling her inner creative child.

7.) Sometimes all a girl wants is some flowers. But flowers die. And they need a vase. Enter, succulents. We love succulent terrariums that pack all the beauty of an arrangement into the sleek, practical space of the terrarium. Gorgeous all year round with minimal care. Score!


8.) She’s on the go and could always use an extra pair of hands. Wait, extra hands are not quite on the market but this Pro Sport Arm Band for smart phones is sure to make life easier.


9.) Your girl boss wants to look fierce, and the sure-fire way for her to achieve this is to have great brows. Anything from Anastasia Beverly Hills will help give her the confidence needed to take the world by storm. 

10) If she's a true girl boss then she's on her feet for the majority of the day. It's a tough road to walk, and pain is often an unfortunate companion to hard work. That's why Sole Serum is the perfect gift for the girl boss in your life. She's pounding the pavement in heels, and you have the remedy in a cute mint-green bottle.


Sole Serum for the win. The best gift for your girl boss--hands down!


Sole Serum is a luxury foot cream that provides pain relief for foot pain associated with wearing high heels. A special blend of lavender, peppermint oil, and lidocaine work to stop the pain at its source. Sole Serum’s unique blend of ingredients fight against inflammation. Sole Serum is a wedding day essential according to The Knot and Brides. Forbes named Sole Serum 2014’s most innovative beauty and health product. Harpers Bazaar declares Sole Serum one of Fashion Week’s beauty essentials, and says that it’s the cure for painful dancing pumps. If you’re looking for a way to wear your favorite high heels without pain then you must try Sole Serum.


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