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SoulCycle (and run, and dance...) with Sole Serum!

SoulCycle (and run, and dance...) with Sole Serum!

We have to admit #SoleSurvivors, our reputation for soothing the soles of stiletto-wearing fashionistas precedes us.  But we think it’s time to expand our solemates’ idea of how, when and where to wear Sole Serum.

We know that a LOT of our #SoleSurvivors take to fitness routines on a regular basis.  And we have a great suggestion for you ladies who are looking to improve performance:  Sole Serum!

No really, you may be able to go for what seems to be forEVER with the addition of our luxury serum, because the ingredients in Sole Serum are selected for their pain relieving, cooling properties.

soul cycle

Here’s what our favorite emergency care physician, Dr. Cassie Majestic has to say about a few of our ingredients, including lidocaine:

Lidocaine is one of the most commonly used anesthetics available. I use it on a regular basis at work, whether it's the oral version for sore throat or heartburn, or the locally injectable version that I use to anesthetize a wound before placing sutures. The basis of lidocaine, is to provide anesthesia (or sensory loss), to an area of the body that is painful. It is an important part of Sole Serum, because it provides the pain relief that is experienced when applying it to the feet.

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Some of the other ingredients that stand out to me, are menthol, and peppermint oil. Both of these ingredients are used in other products for their pain relief properties. Products such as tea, chapstick, and ointments contain menthol in particular. Menthol is known to have counterirritant properties and can help act as a local anesthetic, like lidocaine!

So whether your fitness fashion looks like a cycling shoe, a running shoe, or a ballet slipper, we are here to help you through your workout, and get you moving into the rest of your day.  Just a few pumps, and spend it #PainFree!

For a limited time, you can take us with you with FREE priority shipping on all orders over $30. Shop here: SOLESERUM, pick up an extra bottle for your workout buddy, and make her a SoleMate, too!  (And then, don’t forget to tag #SoleSerum on social for your chance to be featured!)

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