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What an ER Doctor has to say about Sole Serum

What an ER Doctor has to say about Sole Serum

Dr. Cassie Majestic Is A #SoleSurvivor

Listen up #SoleMates!  We are so happy to feature our favorite Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. Cassie Majestic, from the University of California at Irvine Medical Center on this week’s Sole Food.

After Spring Break, we caught up with Dr. Majestic, who spoke with us about Sole Serum.  We thought our #SoleSurvivors would love to know more about what goes inside making our luxury serum work, and what a physician has to say about our favorite foot saver.

Hi Dr. Majestic, could you please tell our readers a little about Lidocaine? Why do you feel it's an important component of Sole Serum?

Lidocaine is one of the most commonly used anesthetics available. I use it on a regular basis at work, whether it's the oral version for sore throat or heartburn, or the locally injectable version that I use to anesthetize a wound before placing sutures. The basis of lidocaine, is to provide anesthesia (or sensory loss), to an area of the body that is painful. It is an important part of Sole Serum, because it provides the pain relief that is experienced when applying it to the feet.

What do you appreciate about the other ingredients in Sole Serum? (full list of ingredients)?

Some of the other ingredients that stand out to me, are menthol, and peppermint oil. Both of these ingredients are used in other products for their pain relief properties. Products such as tea, chapstick, and ointments contain menthol in particular. Menthol is known to have counterirritant properties and can help act as a local anesthetic, like lidocaine!

We also wanted to ask Dr. Majestic about how she uses Sole Serum!

How did you discover Sole Serum?

Initially I noticed Sole Serum on social media, about a year ago. I have had painful feet for years, due to being a ballet dancer for many years, and I had hoped for a product that could help my daily feet woes. Since I am a physician and have worked with lidocaine for a while, the thought definitely crossed my mind about topical lidocaine being beneficial for the general public to use in painful areas. I was delighted when I saw that someone had made that happen with Sole Serum!

When do you find yourself using Sole Serum most?

Sole serum truly saves me when I have those rare nights out that I get to wear heels! My feet do not tolerate enclosed spaces well :) But with Sole Serum I can actually make it through part of the night with my shoes still on. I'm much better with my shoe game at work, but I definitely use Sole Serum for my long 12-hour shifts when I'm feeling extra aches from a workout or recent night in normal-person shoes.  

What do you love most about Sole Serum?

What I love most about Sole Serum, is that it seems marketable and affordable for most women. As a physician, I can honestly say it is a safe product that has been FDA tested and when used according to the directions, will benefit many people.

Well, there you have it #SoleMates!  Words of wisdom from a woman whose feet do a lot of work. Find Dr. Majestic on Twitter @DrMajestic_MD and Instagram and send her some love from us!

We love to share stories, and would love to share yours.  Do leave comments below.  Or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We love to hear from our #SoleSurvivors!

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